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What Does Student Support Do?


 Roles & Responsibilities for Student Support at KCS

Let's clear some things up! 

Our Student Support team is made up of a fantastic group of educators, let's lay out the roles and responsibilities within the student support framework and how it serves the KCS community.

Director of Student Support Services Student Support Teachers (SSTs) Educational Assistants (EAs)
With Students Provides ideas to support students (i.e. strategies, resources, support services, etc.)
Support students on their caseload (directly and/or indirectly)
Directly supports students under the direction of teachers
With Student Programming Needs Decision making and support regarding student programming (collaboratively)
Decision making and support regarding student programming (collaboratively)
Input and ideas for student programming (collaboratively)
With ParentsAvailable to communicate with parents/ guardians
Ongoing communication with parents/ guardians (along with classroom teachers)

Classroom teachers are the first point of contact for parents
Casual connections and conversations with parents
With Other School StaffDirects and supports the SSTs

Oversees EAs from a supervisory role

Works alongside Administration and other school staff

Collaborates with Classroom Teachers, EAs other SSS staff, and AdministrationDirected by Classroom Teachers

Works collaboratively with Student Support Teachers and Administration

Supervision from Director of Student Support Services

With Community ServicesDirects, plans and organizes support services (contract services and community-based services) for studentsCollaborates with support services regarding student needs and strategiesCarries out strategies and suggested supports with students (along with classroom teachers)


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