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Tuition + Payment Guidelines

We plan for families to be with Kelowna Christian School for the entire school year.

Due to the nature of education, much of the planning required to run an effective school must be done on an annual basis. Significant financial commitments are made annually: teachers are hired, curriculum and capital assets are purchased, programs are developed and a host of other plans are created to function for the entire year. As such, by enrolling your child(ren) at Kelowna Christian School you are committing to partner with the school for the entire year. For families entering the school mid-year, you are committing to partner with Kelowna Christian School for the remainder of the school year.

Key Financial Guidelines

  1. Upon admittance to Kelowna Christian School, students in good standing are continually enrolled, from year to year, until they graduate or leave the school. Continuous enrollment requires families to maintain up-to-date personal information with the school to ensure effective communication. The upcoming school year’s re-enrollment fee will be published in early January. Tuition rates will be adjusted after the annual general meeting in the spring once voted on by society members.  The finance department will notify families of the total tuition amount and changes following the annual general meeting. 

  2. A student or family who elects to dis-enroll for a subsequent school year, must provide written notice of withdrawal prior to June 15th to avoid the collection of 2 months’ tuition fees (July & August). A student or family who withdraws between June 16th – Sept. 14th is responsible for 2/12ths of annual tuition. 

    When a student or family voluntarily withdraws on or after Sept. 15th for any reason, at least one full calendar month’s written notice must be given to the school. Prorated annual tuition (over 12 months) up to the current month, plus the next month, will be charged to the family's account. For example: if a family withdraws on November 7th, then 6/12ths annual tuition is due (July thru November, plus December).

  3. While students are continuously enrolled at Kelowna Christian School, their placement status is not guaranteed until all financial obligations from the previous year are fulfilled. Families with an outstanding tuition account as of June 15th will cause their students’ names to be placed onto classroom waiting lists for the following year.

  4. The ongoing failure to maintain a current tuition account and the ability to meet the financial obligations of the chosen payment plan may result in the release of the student.

  5. When a student is suspended, expelled, or asked to withdraw for disciplinary reasons, all tuition and fees paid to Kelowna Christian School are non-refundable.

  6. When a student leaves Kelowna Christian School for any reason, all unpaid accounts remain due to the school, even after graduation.

  7. For families choosing to make a single Annual payment, either by cheque or credit card, the due date is July 1st. For families choosing the 12-month Pre-Authorized Payment method, 1/12th of the tuition and annual fees is due on the first day of each month (July through June).

  8. Accounts will be charged a Returned Item Fee of $30.00 should any payment made by credit card, cheque and/or Pre-Authorized Payment be rejected by the family’s financial institution for any reason (for examples: Non-Sufficient Funds, Account Closed, etc.).

  9. Inability to comply with any of the above Key Financial Guidelines must be communicated in advance to the school Business & Accounting Office.