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Visual Arts

“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
Joseph Chilton Pearce
Visual Arts is a powerful and therapeutic way for our students to express their individuality and learning. All of creation shouts that our God is a God who loves diversity, complexity and creativity. As image bearers of a creative God, we encourage our students to explore and develop their creative and artistic abilities no matter their skill level. Most importantly, our Visual Arts program explores and challenges students to discover ways in which to glorify God through artistic expression.


Besides our scheduled art classes and integration of visual arts into various other classes, our Elementary School hosts a fantastic, colourful and fun event to celebrate our students’ work. The KCS Elementary School Art Gala & Science Fair is a great event where our students sing and perform on stage, describe their displayed artwork to passing onlookers, and share their wonderful discoveries from their Science Fair projects.


“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” – Psalm 19:1. Creativity is an extension of God’s image in us. In the very beginning, God created the heavens and earth, and saw that it was good. God intended for us to be creative and to also enjoy our creative gifts. As Christian artists, we must challenge ourselves to be image bearers of everything that is “good, lovely and praiseworthy” (Phil. 4:8) and submit all that we create as an act of worship.
Visual Arts classes have the opportunity to explore and develop their techniques in several art forms including pottery, glass fusing, graphic design, and much more! Visual Arts 10 focuses on challenging students to be able to find creative ways to play with images while furthering their skills in drawing, painting, sculpting and creating 2D and 3D spatial compositions. Visual Arts 11/12 focuses on challenging students in image development, art history, response to culture and personal history, and sketching. Assignments challenge students to convey their beliefs, spiritual journey, response to cultural issues, technology, etc.


Intersession is the period between first and second semester where high school students engage in activities as diverse as missions trips and glass fusing, and as broad as sewing and work experience placementss. More than anything else, Intersession offers teachers and students a chance to work together in meaningful and authentic contexts that awaken and deepen their interest in a particular subject or field, as well as provide better and more options to strengthen their faith. Intersession is a fantastic opportunity for High School students to explore their artistic abilities.
In 2017, seven students worked with the elemental colours of fire, air, water and earth to create a collaborative piece of artwork that represented how God has visually used these as metaphors of His presence. From the burning bush, to the wind of the Spirit, to Living Water, to The Vine and the branches, God is with us. Titled REFINE. BREATHE. QUENCH. GROW. the piece is displayed at our Middle & High School Campus.