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Please note that our Benvoulin Administrative & Admissions Offices
will remain open from Monday to Friday (8am - 4pm).
The Gordon Office will reopen on Monday, August 20th, 2018.

If you missed picking up your Middle & High School final report card, they will be available for pick up again at the Benvoulin Office on Monday, August 20, 2018.
If you need to know marks before this date, you can view them in PowerSchool.


“The students that come to my home are excellent! I wish they could  come every day.  They really are the  nicest group of kids, they work hard, with no attitude.  I am so very thankful to them and Hands In Service” a client participating in the KCS partnership with Hands in Service.

The Hands in Service staff would like to thank all the students, parents, teachers and administration who have partnered with us to meet a variety of needs of people in our community. For those that aren’t familiar, our Grade 11 and 12 students have been partnering with Hands in Service as part of their Social Justice and Christian Perspectives classes. Hands in Service gives support to low-income people aged 19-65 who need help with such basics as housekeeping, laundry and food preparation due to health, mobility and disability. For the last two years, our students have gone twice each week to the homes of various clients. The students have washed dishes, cleaned bathrooms, swept, mopped, listened and cared. Check out the KCS Youth Action Teams at Work.

Adult supervision to guide the students is a critical component without which this program cannot exist. It's a great opportunity to add some mentoring, missional focus and meaning with a maximum investment of 4 hours of month. We would love for you to consider how this opportunity might be able to fit into your schedule. Please contact Ruth at Hands in Service at 250-861-5465 for more information.


Great things are happening at Kelowna Christian School. We are excited to see our KCS community continue to grow, but it's not about the numbers and getting more students to attend our school. It's about our mission to educate, equip, and inspire our school community to become disciples of Jesus who love and serve God and others. Our desire is to attract new families to join our KCS community, those who would both strengthen our community, as well as be blessed by the education KCS has to offer (fulfilling our mission). More than anything else, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we want to be good stewards of the school God had entrusted us to manage. The KCS Family Referral Program awards $1000 tuition credit for each new Grade 5 family that enrolls in our school, and $500 tuition credit towards new families enrolling in other grade levels.

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Some classes may use blogs to present or document student work, as well as communicate information to parents. Teachers will notify families if a log-in is required for these sites. Click on the teacher's name for more information and to find their blog website.

Elementary Music - Dianne Bishop
Learning Support Teacher - Dori Vinton
Elementary Athletics - Dave Pelzer


Michele Jackson
Julie Overby
Jamie Roy


[ GRADE 1 ]

Kimberley Ikebuchi
Heidi Sasso 
Carina Wilson

[ GRADE 2 ]

Marla Milaney
Lorna Olsen

Kristie Rutquist

[ GRADE 3 ]

Jacquelyn Dobbin 
Shannon Gerber
Doug Sader  

[ GRADE 4 ]

Karli Marees 
Jessica Rypstra

[ GRADE 5 ]

Ken Fell
Pam Toews





Looking for student homework assignments or class information? The Middle School uses Google Classroom ( for workflow and to distribute due dates for assignments. CLICK HERE to watch a tutorial. Parents are encouraged to regularly log in to review their progress. You will require your child's KCS email address and their KCS Google password. You can view the account on your mobile by downloading the Google Classroom app for Android or Apple.

Just want to email a teacher? Click on their name below to be directed to their contact page.

MS Vice-Principal - Scott Campbell
MS French Teacher - Amber Hendren
Music Teacher - Connor Murdock

Gr. 9 French Teacher - Isabelle Boileau

[ GRADE 6 ]

Jennifer Hanenburg
Cheryl Hart 
Maloya Loeppky

[ GRADE 7 ]

Norma Love
Tracey Sabbagh

[ GRADE 8 ]

Tina Folkerts 
Renae Hall
Brent MacArthur

[ GRADE 9 ]

Max Brodin
Sam Baldwin




Looking for student homework assignments or class information? Click on the teacher's name below, and then the desired class site to view homework, project assignments and notes from each of the teachers.

If you require a username and password to access information, please contact the teacher directly.

[ GRADE 10 - 12 ]

Isabelle Boileau
Daryl Klassen
Darren Lewis
Tim Martens
Tanis Michaud
Connor Murdock 
Alice Mrozek
Rick Rauser

Rob Robinson
Ian Sharp
John Van Dyk 
Steve Wiebe