The Kelowna Christian School Life Skills Program teaches daily living skills to challenged students in Grade 6 to 12; empowering them to reach their true potential in life and become contributing members of their community. The Life Skills Program meets students’ emotional, spiritual, physical and mental needs in a safe and caring environment to help prepare them for adulthood. Small classes and personal instruction are key elements of our program.

KCS 002400The schedule and content of the program reflect the needs of the participants both individually and collectively. We recognize that each student is unique, and as such a thorough Individual Education Plan is designed collaboratively with parents, school staff and consultants such as occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists and behavioural interventionists. Learning is almost exclusively hands-on and takes place in both the classroom and local community.

Where appropriate and possible for each student, we integrate electives and classes offered by the greater KCS community. Students participate in general KCS classes – such as Foods, Physical Education, Art and Drama –  and are mentored by High School students.

As members of the school community, students in this program are expected to adhere to the KCS Code of Conduct in the areas of dress, work ethic, punctuality and Christ-like behaviour. Respect between all community members is paramount.



KCS 062400Our Functional Academics Program teaches students the meaning and importance of safety signs and symbols, time concepts and how to do calculator math. Still, new experiences can be intimidating. Therefore, significant emphasis is placed on helping students in real-life situations at home, school, and work within the community through a variety of learning activities that prepare them for life. Students gain hands-on experience through:

  • Budgeting
  • Nutrition and menu planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking
  • Household management
  • Learning and using bus routes
  • Work experience
  • Resume writing and job interview preparation
  • Leisure activities
  • Technology in daily life
  • Learning Spanish

KCS 077400The development of social skills is another vital key to successfully entering adulthood. Students practice public speaking and learn interpersonal skills such as manners, making friends, healthy relationships, boundaries and working with others.

A healthy and fulfilling adult life includes leisure time. Students participate in a variety of in-class activities such as indoor and outdoor fitness, music and visual arts. These activities help to further develop social and physical skills, encourages creativity and future involvement in various hobbies. Field trips within the community teach students new skills such as restaurant etiquette. They also engage in activities that teach them about other cultures and try various sports, all with the aim of inspiring them to explore new things and develop lifelong interests.



Our Certified Educational Assistants and teachers provide in-class and outside community support. Staff also serve as role models and mentors to the students in areas such as personal boundaries, interpersonal communication, work ethic and etiquette, all within the framework of a deep Christian faith. Students observe and develop good habits and ways of interacting that will enable them to participate in their communities in safe and positive ways.

If you are interested in the Life Skills Program and want to learn more, please connect with:

Kristi Cooper
Special Education Coordinator
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Joy Shipowick
Life Skills Facilitator
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